I’m finally excited to be walking out of Summer and into the exciting Fall season. Oh, how lovely we would all be if each step of the journey was accompanied by bright, glorious flowers – popping blossoms to remind you that yes, you are on the path exactly as you should be? I guess that’s a state of mind… I’m looking forward to an evening of LA’s Fashion Night Out events, The Ladies Choir EP release, a bridal shower, and a bit of downtime tossed in for good measure (if I can find it). What are you up to? Do tell!

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stefania pia

Tell me, did any of you out there in NY get a chance to check out the Stefania Pia launch at Eva on Wednesday night? There’s quite a buzz about this darling Italian ladies pieces – found objects painted in brights and combined light-heartedly with vintage strips of fabric.

“The designs reflect her own madcap style — a mix of clean lines, like those of the Amish clothing she collects, and colorful prints from designers.”

Looking forward to seeing more of her collection stateside – until this week, it was only available in Milan….

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organic, spring 2011

John Patrick’s Organic collection for Spring 2011 is looking just about perfect for an easy breezy afternoon. He manages to merge a sunday-best touch with the relaxed and feminine – using old timey details such as grosgrain ribbon waistbands, and covered silk buttons to bring a perfect balance to his forward thinking sensibility. Organic and ultra refined – honestly, what’s better than that?

5 things we loved this week…

1. a reason to learn about the rugharp

2. boys should wear patchwork

3. you get frozen fruit for breakfast

4. fabric covered fabric cutting scissors

5. ways to smell like rumpled cake, naturally


I adore this week’s treasure  - a simple, poetic victorian bracelet. Made in England in the late 1800′s, this darling diamond clasped hand bangle has so many things that I love in an antique piece! Darkened  mine cut diamonds, blackened silver and gold, and  that adorable carved little hand. What do you think,  sweet, no? Just one, available here.

lookin’ good

Kate + Isabel. L-O-V-E.

nicholas kirkwood

I just can’t get enough of Nicholas Kirkwood these days. It’s not that I particularly want to wear the fantastical pieces below that he designed for Alice in Wonderland – I just simply want to stare at them, prop them on my windowsill and indulge in the pleasure of watching a fantasy garden come to life on a shoe. Are you with me on this? Let’s call him London’s boy genius – his collaborations with Rodarte, Ghost, and Erdem to name a few have secured his top ranks on the runways.  We’re guaranteed to get a seasonal peek at his imagination with his small batch collections, and can look forward to more inspired pairings, such as the limited edition pieces for Liberty, below. The blue pair in the center? Yes,please.

thank, you etsy.

This week’s etsy find is brought to you by the lovely works of Katherine J Lee. Katherine is an artist & illustrator currently residing in San Francisco Bay area. Inspired by her own original illustrations, her collection of organic bed, table & kitchen linens are intended to be both lightly humorous, whimsical & beautiful. I love the simplistic line qualities and bold colors…..what do you think?

can’t get enough of..

the long soft pleated dress and wind in the hair…perfect for an autumn night out on the town

kimiko yoshida

Have you seen the fantastic work of Kimiko Yoshida? She has been transforming herself into historical, mythical, and fictional personas in a series of over 330 self-portraits over the last decade. Yoshida explores concepts of identity, stereotypes, gender & the portrayal of womanhood in her gorgeous and equally thought provoking works.

“Art is above all the experience of transformation. Transformation is, it seems to me, the ultimate value of the work. Art for me has become a space of shifting metamorphosis.”

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